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Mylink confusion!!!!

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So we brought home our new 2015 Cruze 1lt on Saturday. I'm trying to figure out the mylink but have a few questions. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I've found other info on here about it but still have some questions. Thanks in advance.

So I'm in Canada. When I plug my iPhone into the usb my phone brings up apps I can buy to use with mylink. Bringgo comes up. I look it up and decide I want it. I download the trial in my phone but now I can't figure out how to get it to work on my screen. Do some investigating and find out it might not be compatible with my car. Is this true? Why would it come up on my phone?
samethimg goes with tuneinradio. Seen videos of people with it on their screen but I can't get it to work either. Is this not compatible as well?
another question I was wondering is if I can play videos through the usb drives. Some people say yes while others say no
last one is how do I know if mylink is upgraded to the latest version.

Again in thanks in advance and I'm sorry if this is in the wrong spot. There is so much conflicting info on what mylink does it's hard to get a straight answer.
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I also have a 2015 1LT with MyLink, but when I plug my iPhone 5s in, I didn't experience anything like you describe. Then again, mine is a work phone so it's not always fully able to do what a personal phone can.

I am curious now though and will plug it in on my lunch break and see what happens!
Yah bring go comes up as well as stitcher and something else. I can't remember. Stitcher is on the screen all the time but bring go is not
Mine is a 5c with all the latest software if that matters.
Bring go unless they changed it is not for our cars. At least it's close to MyLink systems we don't have in our cars like Spark/Sonic. My MyLink Brings up T-Connect M.E. and T Connect TH. Neither of them worked for me.

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