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NAIAS Detroit Auto Show January 2017 - Meet?

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Is anyone planning on attending the Detroit auto show next month?

Also known as the North American International Auto Show it happens every January.

I've never gone before but been thinking about going this year. Anyone else?
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We had a meet at the last one. It was a private invite from GM media dept. at HQ in the REN-CEN. Actually just a tour of the social media dept but some of us then went to the show at COBO. Maybe one of the reps from GM will chime in here and offer another tour. Anyhow Id be in for a meet.
This was the 15 or 16 one? I did the 15 one but couldn't swing the 16 one as it involved me leaving to MI then coming back for Lordstown. Trying to time it with the kids wasn't going to work out.

Traffic was horrible, I ended up just chillin in the GM towers parking garage.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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