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Need a little help with leaking water outlet.

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I have a 2012 LS 1.8L, I just recently noticed a coolant leak. After checking I found that the lower radiator hose has a small leak. I also found that on the top of the thermostat/water outlet housing there is a connection with an elbow connector that connects a hose that goes up and over the engine to a connection on the left side of the engine. The elbow connection from the hose to the water outlet has cracked and is also leaking. I have been researching online and have found that there seems to be several different names for this hose and connector. I am posting here in the hopes that someone can give me the correct name of this connection and hose so I can order the correct replacement part. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have attached pics of the leaking part. Thanks. Auto part Fuel line Engine Vehicle Suspension
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That hose should be the 'inlet hose'.

Make sure you grab the one for the 1.8 liter, as it is different than the 1.4.

Here is what I believe you're looking for:
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