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I think the turbocharger in my 2013 Eco MT is dying. I had another thread on here where I've been detailing the saga...but I've installed the V1 PCV kit with the BNR throttle body spacer. Fixed the turbo leak. Cleaned up the intercooler output pipe and reinstalled it (it had blown loose). I did the boost leakdown test and have it holding pressure like a champ.

When I drive the car with the computer scanner plugged in in live mode, I'm seeing 38 inHG on the MAP sensor. That is just under 4psi boost. That's all I can get. Did some more reading on here and the web and folks say a lot of the pop off valve/wastegate springs get weak and leave it open, so you don't get boost. Then somehow it ingests dirt and eats up the turbo. I'm pretty sure that's what I have going on.

So in looking, I see Dorman has a "cheap" turbo for $350. Stigan has one for about $450. And the Garrett is about $600. The Stigan has the better warranty, but the guy I spoke to said the Garrett was a better unit.

I did read through a bunch of posts on here before posting this. I know you guys prefer the BNR turbocharger, but I can't afford it. I'd just like to get the car running right again stock. I'll play with it after that.

Between the three above, which is the way to go? I always heard Garrett was good. I don't know much about Stigan, and Dorman makes everything that I get from NAPA. What do you guys think?

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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