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Need a trouble free car. Should I buy a Cruze? Seems like there's lots of issues??

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My last 2 cars have been Toyota Corollas. not fancy, BUT, each one has gone a quarter of a million miles with ZERO problems & NEVER had to go back to the car dealer for repairs. just normal maintenance over the years.

My job gives me extremely little free time. Having a car that breaks down, especially a brand new on after plunking down a considerable amount of money, and having to miss work to sit in a car dealer for repairs is not an option for me. I can't do it.

I really like the looks of the Chevy Cruze. BUT, you folks seem to have a ton of problems with it. A brand new car stinking of engine coolant? coolant on the windshield? etc, etc, etc. I don't have that now with my 12 year old corolla. I'm not going to put up with that with a new car.

Question for you folks: Just how reliable has your Cruze been? How long have you had it & how many times have you had to bring it back to the car dealer for repairs? Lastely, would you buy it again?

Thanks VERY MUCH in advance for any help/advice you can offer!
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My ECO 6mt has had zero problems with almost 18,000 miles and 8 months. We average 40 mpg and love driving it. The Corolla on the other hand is boring, uninspired, bare bones transportatin. Might as well buy a toaster. One of the reasons I think they get such high marks is their buyers aren't car enthusiasts, want basic transportation (which it provides reliably) and arent very demanding of their cars. The Cruze is hands down a better car. Just an aside, my 1999 GMC work van has 385,000+ miles on it and all I've ever done is maintanance and replace worn out items like shocks, water pump, fuel pump.
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