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Need advice on rim selection for 2013 Cyber Metallic Grey Cruze freshly tinted

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Hey, I just recently got my windows tinted and tail lights tinted and added a small decal to my Cruze and I'm loving it so far but I desperately need to get some rims for it. Thing is, I'm rocking the stock 16" wheels and if I go any higher I'd have to buy all new tires along with the rims which would minimum be about $1,000.

Are there any good 16" rims that actually look nice or are 18's the standard for nice rims? I've been liking Platinum Wraiths and usually most Black w/ Machine Accented Rims but I'd just like some opinions?

It's an LS model so does anybody have any size specs I should go by (dimensions, offset, etc.)? I combed through the official thread but it's basically dead and would like some fresh eyes.

Here are pictures of my car before/after:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Full-size car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Full-size car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Luxury vehicle
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Chevrolet cruze
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I would choose 18's. They are a good all around wheel size. The 18" wheels will fill the wheel wells nicely and the prices are good. You will also have many options. Check out My personal favorite brands are motegi, MSR, ICW Racing rims and Enkei.
And what tire size would I go with to fit pretty well? I see people constantly talking about 245/?/? but don't really know exactly what they mean.
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