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Need help finding something!

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Hey guys! No sure if this is the right spot for this so feel free to move.

This is kind of a noob question but when I first started on this forum I saw a lot of "brackets" on rear of the engine bay. Everywhere I clicked I found them and now that I want to find them to purchase one for my Cruze, I can't find crap. I have tried searching engine bay mounts, brackets, supports. ETC Nothing has come up. I found them on a website a while back but I can't remember the name of the website. :(

If anyone knows what I am talking about could you give me the name and or where you bought yours if you have one! If no one understands what I am saying I will take a picture of my car and show you where I am talking about.

Thanks in Advance!
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Take it from me I had a 2.2 N/A cobalt and I put every bolt on on that car and it really didnt do much until I spent big money on turbo/supercharger. So if you it to go faster buy a project car or save your money and put it to a turbo set up. If you want better handling get loose springs up front and stiff ones in the rear. Also really good tires
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