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Need help I had water outlet replaced by GM now high temp

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2011 LTZ 1.4 auto If anyone can help out. I had the water outlet replaced due to leak before that car temp on the scan gauge would run around 212 to 219 tops but now after water outlet replacement the car temp on scan gauge is ranging from 210 to as high as 238 had car back in 2 more time to GM to burp coolant no leaks at all no smell if you can believe that system full. Sometimes on the highway at 70mph temp climbs to 233 and I noticed the fan was engaging which it should not be due to outside temp yesterday at 8 degrees then drops to 195. Had the emission recall update done also while it was in even though I asked them not to touch it.
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You still have air in your cooling system. It needs to be vented. GM has a piece of dealer equipment called a vac-u-fill or something like that. Call around and try to find a dealer that has that equipment.
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Thank you Ill call around the dealer told me they raised the cars front end up on a lift and bled the system nothing else they can do, air will work its way out.
Thank you Ill call around the dealer told me they raised the cars front end up on a lift and bled the system nothing else they can do, air will work its way out.
The cooling system air bleed in the Cruze needs to be done level, not with the front end lifted. Lifting the front end leaves a lot of air trapped in the radiator. What's the coolant level in the tank? It should be at the top of the arrow pointing up to the top rib of the tank. If it's lower, fill it. If it's down to the large hose this is the source of the air in the system.
System is full by the mark always stays full hasn't dropped since I got it back from dealer.
You have air trapped in your cooling system.

Trapped means that it cannot escape on its own accord. It needs help. Creating a partial vacuum will draw that air out. There is equipment to do this. Not every dealer will have it. Please seek it out to achieve a solution.
Take a look at Since you said the front of your car was elevated this may solve your issue.
If the dealer did the work and the same dealer is bleeding it incorrectly I'd contact a GM CSR (on the forum here) and have that dealer put on blast for incompetency.
Tool is called a GE-47716 Vac N Fill.

You can read more here:

Vac U Fill - Pennock's Fiero Forum

High-Voltage Battery Pack Coolant Bleed Procedure
Thanks guys when I started complaining more about the problem last month the service manager was a real ass kept telling me he don't care what my scan gauge reads theres nothing wrong with the system and theres no air in the system. If the dash gauge reads correct or with in parameters its fine. So I asked if my scan gauge is **** then please explain why when it gets to 230 the fan comes on like it always did for the last 3 years of having gauge and at 237 the fan jumps to med setting and at 245F the fan is screaming and your dash gauge only moved 1 line no where near the red zone. He walked away.
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