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Need help with a 2014 Chevy Cruze Diesel

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Own a 2014 Chevy Cruze Diesel. Have had several problems with it and the dealership (Tropical Chevrolet Miami, FL). In September of last year took the car after a small fender bender, because after the insurance’s repair shop fixed the car, they were left with one message that they could not fix/erase. The message was that the DPF needed to be regenerated. Then the DEF low, message came on and started to warn the car will start to slow down. Added DEF, message would not go away. Took the car to the dealership, they regenerated the DPF and the DEF message came off. 4 months later the DEF message comes back on, the car only takes half a box of the DEF and message does not come off. Took the car to the dealership. They charged me $200+_just for diagnostics, did not reset any of the messages or regenerated the DPF, instead wants me to pay $1,600 for a DEF pump, with no guarantee that this will also correct the DPF. A new DPF is over $1200 just for the filter, that is on serious back order. They have a customer that has been waiting for over 6 months for this same part. Disappointed with the dealership since they seem to be more interested in making money from diagnostics than taking responsibility (only 4 months since they did the reservation. And also that they could not fix why I brought it to in the first place. Would never recommend this dealership for service. And at this point very disappointed with how unreliable and how unserviceable this car is. Any others that found another solution or help would be appreciated
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I've got a DPF for sale on ebay right now if you need to hunt down a used one. Had 5yr/118k on it when removed in working order.
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