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Need help with plastidipping emblems.

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I am trying to plastidip the emblems on my car (cause I'm a sucker for making things look faster than they are) I am having trouble getting the bowtie on the back right, everytime I plastidip it (3-4 coats) and go to peel, the dip exposes parts of the chrome part. the yellow inner part of the bowtie is doing fine and the dip is doing great at tearing at the gap between the outer, and inner parts, but i can't seem to get the dip to stop peeling off the chrome when I attempt to remove the masking tape and peel any extra that may have got on the car. any help is greatly appreciated
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Are you waiting for it to dry before you pull off the masking tape? If you are thats a no no! between each coat you want to remove the making tape as soon as you spray the coat on. When it dries it sticks to the tape and removes everything. I takes a while longer but it does a better job. I plastidipped all of the chrome on my car and thats how i did it
Ah I see what your saying, so I need to remask it after every layer?

Definitely makes sense.
Yep. What i did was wrap newspaper around to stop over spray then work your way in with masking tape. Put the tape on around the very edge last so you only have to remove that part each time. Much less waste/time that way
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