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Need opinion on rattling noise after transmission/clutch replacement

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I have a 2014 Cruze LT 1.4t with the 6spd manual. The transmission was just replaced under warranty and I had them install the SPEC stage 1 clutch along with the Steel SMF. Initially they had some issues with the install saying it was hard to get into gear, and eventually fixed it and said they believe it was something to do with the clutch not being bled properly (they didnt go into much detail).

After I got it back the first thing I noticed after starting it up is this very noticeable rattling noise while idling, it almost sounds like a diesel engine and goes away when the clutch is fully depressed. Also when the transmission is in gear and driving you can sort of hear it too (sort of sounds like a metal on metal rubbing noise), and goes away when the clutch is fully depressed. Also blipping the throttle up to about 1200~ rpms the noise is even worse.

I spoke to SPEC via e-mail and they told me this is normal?

I've uploaded a vid to youtube so you can get an idea of the noise, its hard to capture the sound on my cell camera due to the aftermarket intake and exhaust, but the first 8 seconds its really noticeable.
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That's a bad throw out bearing - they should have changed that while in there. Eerily similar to the issue I had with my car.
They replaced the throwout bearing with a new one from GM. So bad part then?

What kind of irks me then is how they didn't notice this, or think it wasn't a problem? I noticed this rattling nose the first time I started the car up after I got it back from them, they also forgot to hook up the power cable to my amp when they gave the car back to me..
Sounds that way! Especially since it goes away with clutch in.
Sounds good, would the throw out bearing being bad to the point its making noise like this cause any damage/premature wear to the clutch? They wanted me to drive it for a few days to see if the noise gets any better/worse. I'm thinking I should take it to a different dealer to have them work on it..

When I dropped the car off to have the work done I also gave them AMSOIL 75w90 to use in the transmission and part of their "trouble shooting" when trying to figure out the hard shifting after replacing the transmission was to drain the tranny and fill it with OEM GM fluid. But when I picked up the car and paid the bill they didn't say anything about this, I only found out after talking to the tech who worked on the car later.
I know this is an old thread but is there any update? Sounds just like my issue to the TEE. I just bought a 13 sonic that recently got a new clutch and lightweight flywheel installed before purchase. If I don't figure it out I'm SOL!
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