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Need Power to After Market Backup Camera

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Hello, I have a 2012 Cruz LTZ Rally and have installed an aftermarket Backup Camera. The camera works when connecting it to the battery but I need to find the Backup (reverse) light wire. My power for the camera is in the front. I need to know where I can find the wire up front. Does anyone know what color it is and where I can find the backup (reverse) wire that comes from the back of the cruz to the front? I want to connect the power of the backup camera to the backup light wire so when I put the Cruz in reverse the camera will power on.
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Not sure if it works that easily. Read/Heard somewhere that you (may) need to tap the power off the BCM or off of a relay. If I'm remembering correctly, there may be wire back in the trunk liner for it already. Looking through the OM for '12 Cruze, looks like it was not an option, so you may have to run your lead to the BCM or hope/pray that tapping into the reverse wire will work.

There are some aftermarket backup camera installs/builds in the Gen1 Audio & Electronics threads. Some of them appear to be incomplete.

According to Snazzy (Backup Camera Install), he/she put the camera's power wire to one of the wires for the reverse lights, like what you are wanting to do.
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