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Need Reviews for Rhino Rack carrier for GEN 1 Cruze. Aussie Company maybe?

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A local Craigslist post near me has a 2014 Cruze with a Rhino Rack cargo carrier. Based on the pictures it might be a Heavy Duty 2500 System. In the USA most people talk about Yakima or Thule. Does anyone have experience with Rhino racks?

Based on their website it looks like this maybe an Australian Company? Will their stuff work with kayak carriers made by Thule or Yakima? I sent the owner a note, if they want to separate some of their equipment off their Cruze to contact me.

Any suggestions for a fair price for the bars, vehicle specific mounts and clips? This appears to be a square steel bar design based on the photo's. New retails for around $425 MSRP via their website, but I'm not sure how much Rhino Rack is supported here in the USA.

Maybe the owner located in Iowa is a member here and may find this post. As the car complete has a downpipe, air intake, tinted windows, slightly modified. I just don't want the entire car.

Thanks for your thoughts.