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Need some help with the GF Cruze. P0472 Excessive Blow by

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Hey everyone, I need some help with my 2011 Cruze. The valve cover had the typical failure where you can hear it sucking air, so she bought a new valve cover and I threw it on. There was also an issue with the corrugated hose that goes from the intake to the turbo. It was cracked so I replaced it. Just about 3 weeks after replacing the VC the vent in the disk for the valve cover has started leaking oil out. If I pull the dipstick or the oil cover off there is excessive blow by. I was considering a kit from one of the Admins on here. I am not sure that is a symptom that I have read so far about the PCV problem. I have to do a compression test and hopefully will have a chance this weekend. Now another issue has crept up. I am getting a code P0472 (Exhaust Pressure Sensor Low Input). I did some searching and couldnt find anything for this on the Chevy Cruze. Does anyone have some suggestions.
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First, I'd check that orange valve in the manifold. If it's gone, you'll need that kit. For reasons not understood, if it's missing, the turbo will pressurize the crankcase and you'll have a lot of problems with leaks.

You talked about compression checks - not a bad idea to get a understanding of the problem. I don't think anyone would say otherwise.

All in all, I think the lack of comments is due to you being on the right track and they're waiting to see what you find.

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So I took another look at her car today. It is sucking in air at the dipstick and oil cap. It is still leaking some out of the valve cover where that disk is, but not as bad as before. I think this is the PCV issue. I am still going to do a compression test, but I am ordering the kit from the guy on here in the sticky. I think after 145K and 3 valve covers it is worth it.
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