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Need to find Oill cooler assm

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Looking more like oil cooler fail on m Diesel cruze.... Is this the same as EGR cooler?
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Yes Gen 1, could oil pass from EGR?
EGR recycles exhaust gases back to the intake charge to produce cleaner emissions.

Usually EGR valve gets sooted up with carbon but sometimes oily residue forms due to unburnt diesel. There shouldn’t be any reason for motor oil in the EGR.

But I’m no mechanic so I’ll defer to other more informed opinions.
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Can't thank everyone enough on help with this hiccup. There's just not a lot of info out there on these diesels. After long discussion with guys at Fleece today no way oil came from EGR. Oil cooler is separate beast on these. Now just got to figure where for sure and why. Amount of oil and how fast it appeared doesn't bode for head gasket, so we'll see what oil cooler shows us.....Thanks to everyone again
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