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Need to upgrade stock non-pioneer system

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My girlfriend blew the door speakers in the car, I don't know how. I want to upgrade everything, possibly add a sub. I have experience installing systems, but I am not sure what's the best fit options. I have read the some posts but they look a little outdated and I am getting confused with so much info. What I am asking is for is your expert opinion in this situation.

-Willing to upgrade head unit, want it to work with iphone and steering wheel controls. If any can connect with backup camera that would be great
- Price range for system is around $1000. Willing to change if added features are worth it.
- Sound I am looking for is for rock music and dubstep

The current speakers I have sitting around is JL C2 650 with tweeters TR- 650 CWI w/o tweeters
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The consensus is that the factory HU is plenty stable performance wise .
IT will be alright to power an upgrade door speaker install ..

If you are seriously thinking about a total upgrade including a new HU ..
You will need to decide what Exactly will work for the front and rear stage and the lengthy process of stringing wires ...

There are quite a few installs that are Not overly complicated and relatively cost affective ..Low Budget ...

Write down your Goals and do a lot of research first ....

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