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Sure took a beating my Cruze when it was rear ended by that drunk, all the extras I put into it, all OEM weren't even in the NADA, Edmond, or Kelly books, show the receipt, didn't make a dam bit of difference. All the car I put into it and how carefully it was driven, not a single scratch or dent in it, went by beat Cruzes were going for on the used up lots.

Then the insurance companies had stat statues on their side, we don't make the laws, these basterds do. Hiring an attorney for a civil law suit was out of the question. insurance companies tie up the best attorneys, you get second best, talking about actual experience, then these basterd attorneys will be robbing you as well.

Ha, go along with buying an older home or even a lot and building your own for something to do, least you can make a few bucks and appreciate. These darn cars depreciate faster then you can pay them off. And they have become throwaway products just like all this other crap from China.
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