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After changing the battery I noticed the negative battery cable did not snug up as tight as it should.
Let it go at the time since it was -20 outside. 2 years pass and I see that the cable has gotten worse. Can twist cable by hand with connectors tight. No direct issues like power loss or no start but I want to take care of it.
Took it to the dealer for the special coverage on the cable #14311. Dealer says the negative post is slightly undersized and a new cable won't fix it. Suggests a new battery. Battery retailer won't replace under warranty as the battery still performs within specs. Contact manufacture who does send me a new battery.
I decided to upgrade the cables with a larger gauge wire. Ordered a 1 AWG negative and positive cable from a company in TN that provides cables by the inch.
Before I installed the new battery I tried the new negative cable on the old battery. It clamped down great !.
Since the battery terminal end did not have the additional stud for the small negative wire I opened up the ID of the ring connector to slide over the batter bolt. It's about 1/4 inch ID needs to be 5/16 ID to fit

The positive cable was more trouble. The OEM connector is offset. The new cable is not offset and the connector can be turned as tightly due to the extra thickness. If I had to do it over I would have ordered a longer cable to make a loop.

I had to perform some surgery to get the transplant to fit.

But was able to get the integrated fuse box cover closed.

Eliminated the loose connector situation and lowered the resistance for better starting. They only cost about $ 7 each.
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