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So I've only had 2 prior issues with my 2012 Cruze. The first issue was a bad battery that caused a lot of weird issues with electronics. Post here, got things fixed and have been good. Then about two years ago I had what was described to me as a transfer box for coolant that was leaking. I was basically running out of coolant every couple of days, and when they checked, after the car warmed up, this black box with coils was cracked and would leak the coolant while I was driving. Replaced the box and everything has been fine.

Then two weeks ago while driving home I had the car rapidly overheat, toss out the overheating message, and then tossed errors about oil needing to be changed and the TCS system having errors. took it to my shop, they said it was the thermostat that was bad and that it was leaking out coolant and that was what caused the errors. Fine, paid to get it fixed. Get the car back and notice that now I have a check engine light on, that wasn't on with the thermostat. Go back to shop, they run it, say that the code is for the intake valve cover. They just replaced that cover, first time for me, this last week. I take the car home, it drives fine on the way home. It's parked 2 days, and then when I drive it to work yesterday and park it I hear a gurgling sound after I turn the car off. It last around 4 to 5 minutes. Kinda of like air being sucked through water. I leave work and it drives fine, get home, don't hear the sound, so I think everything is alright. Take it to work this morning and notice that when I'm stopped at a stop light the car will jerk every 5 to 8 seconds, I counted. When I hit 35+ mph the car starts to jerk as I accelerate.

So here is my question. Does this sound like when they replaced the valve cover that somehow they messed up the vacuum for the car? Reading around here, and searching for cruze and jerky idle or acceleration gave me threads all talking about the intake cover and manifold control valve. That when people had those fail, they had this symptom first.

Just trying to get some input, cause I'm already around $800 deep from the first two repairs and wanna make sure that I'm not out more money if this is a result of those repairs not being done correctly.
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