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New 17 Black RS Hatchback.

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Hello eveyone!

I just got a 2017 Black LT RS Hatchback, "international market edition" aka straight from Mexico, with the convenience package, traded in a Subaru legacy GT, first impressions are pretty good. coming from an AWD 250hp car, this car holds its own to get up to speed and at low RPM's. My girlfriend also drives a 16.5 LT, i just needed to get into something cheaper to run while i focus more on my study's.

I am waiting patiently for the GM Exhaust \ intake (if that ever happens) to see how that runs\sounds am also waiting for some coil overs to be developed, but outside of that im not planing to do much more to the car, and of course some rims for the summer.
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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

Post some pictures - after you post a few more times anyways:eek:
Hello and welcome to the site! Glad to have you join us and congrats on your Cruze. May you have many thousands of miles of trouble free driving! Enjoy the time behind its wheel and your time here!
Welcome Love to see pics of the "international market edition" and hatch!
Welcome to CruzeTalk!
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

I will get some photos once the weather and roads clear up so I can drive the car to the photo op without it getting dirty.. dam black problems. Also need to fix some paint swirls that were on the car since delivery, time to invest in a buffer :dry:

I bought my first black car a week ago and it'll already be my last
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