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New 2012 Cruze Eco owner

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Hi all! I've recently purchased a 2012 Cruze Eco and figured I would join the community here for resources, advices and to contribute. The car us 100% stock as of now, planning on adding fog lights, backup camera and possibly convert the trunk to accommodate a spare wheel. Looking forward to get started on these projects!l
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Thanks everyone for the tips. So much fun stuff you can do with the car! Actually right now I'm just focusing on learning how to drive manual. Anyone know what's up with the "low coolant level without external leak" recall? Noticed coolant level was about an inch below the low mark, looked on the web and saw the recall, brought to the dealer and they couldn't find any leak and just topped it off.
They don't really have a fix, so the recall just tells the dealers to check for leaks and then refill whenever it comes in low.

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