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New 2014 Black Granite LTZ w/RS

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Hi Everyone!
This is my first post on Cruze Talk I have been a long time viewer of this site but never joined. Getting my new cruze is what finally made me decide to join. We are a 2 Cruze family and when my dad bought his back in 2011 when they first came out I knew I would eventually want one. My dad uses his as a commuter car as he drives roughly 37,000 miles per year. With all of the miles he has on it, it has not given him any problems.
When had a 2009 Impala 2LT that I really liked but it was getting up there in miles and finally decided to get something different. I knew I wanted to stick with Chevrolet. All of our Chevrolets have been very good to us. I test drove a 2014 Malibu 1LT Black Granite, the dealer let me take it home for a day to see if I would like it. And I did, it rode nice, and had a nice interior. But the auto stop/start was a huge turn off for me. I had this feeling that down the road it will be nothing but a big headache. I realize thats the future but I just want to wait until its more common and refined. And coming from my Impala that had heated leather and a sunroof I knew I would miss that in the malibu. I just wasn't completely sold on it I liked it but If I'm going to be paying for something for the next 4 years I want it to be something that I 100% love. So without even test driving it I told the dealer I wanted a Cruze LTZ. I knew the basics of how it drove from my dads cruze. They did a dealer trade for a Black LTZ that was about 65 miles away and picked it up 2 days later. So far I am absolutely loving it! Drives a lot different than my dads since his is a LS model with the 1.8 and mine has the turbo. Love all the toys it has, favorite feature would be the my link and the keyless access. If I could go back I would have added the enhanced safety package but I will make do just fine without it. I did not want the nav system either since I plan to have on star active and my phone has unlimited data.

My accessories I have added so far are Husky floor liners, and 35% window tint (yes it is illegal-technically), and mudguards from auto zone as you can't get factory ones with the RS Package.
Look forward to your comments! and to CruzeTalk!
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Welcome to CT! Nice LTZ!
Can the stop/start be turned off? I was riding in a BMW X1 my sister bought and at times the vehicle jerked noticably. That would drive me nuts! Eventually that garbage will be in every vehicle and I dread it
Welcome, I have a LT Cruze Black Granite and would gladly trade you my LT rims for the LTZ rims :signlol:
Welcome to the forums! Keep your cat off the car, paint is not cat friendly. Lol

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Welcome, I have a LT Cruze Black Granite and would gladly trade you my LT rims for the LTZ rims :signlol:
+1. :th_dblthumb2: Though the 2LT rims aren't bad, I'd still like the LTZ's 18s.
+1. :th_dblthumb2: Though the 2LT rims aren't bad, I'd still like the LTZ's 18s.
The newer style 2LT wheels aren't that bad looking. I also prefer the LTZ wheels but don't want to get rid of the Eco wheels just yet.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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