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New 2016 Premier RS w/ 18" fit 2014 16" steelies (winter)

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Looking to purchase a new 2016 RS Premier. Car comes stock with 18" rims/tires. I currently run a set of 16" steelies with studded winter tires on my 2014 cruze. Will these mount to the Gen. 2? Clear the breaks?

Thanks for any help.
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Hello I think we would all like to know. I believe this is so new no one has tried it. You should try it & let us know please. When you have it on w/ a few lugs spin the wheel a few rotations to make sure it all clears. I would also make sure they are the same lug pattern 1st so you don't was time.
Took delivery. Please see post in GEN2 forum for an update!!
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