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I was blown away by the claimed performance numbers by Trifecta. Can anybody recommend a few good bank for your buck initial mods to give this thing a little more fire in it's belly, yet not significantly compromise longevity? (I plan on keeping it for another 4 or 5 years. )

Or is a tune really the best first step one-stop-shop ?

EDIT: subject should have read something like "Recommended first-step mods" LOL! Sounds like I'm looking to modify the lights!
A tune would give you the most bang right off.
Trifecta and BNR are the 2 tuning Co. That matter. Trifecta is a bit cheaper and you program it via laptop. BNR you'll need an autocal to program and collect your data.
You cillect data send it in and you get a customer tune based on your request
And you can read your cars performance via EfLive software. Trifecta you get the same tune everyone gets if you make mods after the tune BNR will return for free Trifecta will charge for the first and once you go ellite there free also.
I have BNR myself and love it
This will probably start a war as it's like sports teams everyone has their favorite. But after all the serious research I went with BNR.
PM me if you have any questions I have no affiliation with either just a happy owner of a 2018 RS

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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