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In stock as of 03/08/13, one of the largest selection to choose from 900 new Chevrolets , Cadillacs , Buicks , GMCs and over 400 pre-owned to also choose from ! Pick your new or preowned vehicle of your choice and the modifications you desire. Big bonus if you don't see it we will also go out and get it for you. Apply for financing and drive off with the car or truck you dreamed about.

Example of your normal process: Pick the car or truck, negociate, purchase.:th_coolio: Drive home and save the money for springs, lights, exhaust. etc.... and than take the chance of getting them, maybe... Install them yourself or save some more to pay someone to do it. Maybe end up with the car you planned. :angry: Maybe not!

Example of the no hassle easy process :Talk to me, pick the vehicle you want from our vast and huge inventory , pick the upgrades, apply for financing. ( We deal with over 30 lending institutions and as always subject to acceptable finnancing )

Funnest part is than pick up the new vehicle and have some fun from day one. We can ship cars all over the US . Just remember it's always funner to drive it home. You can typically finance the car with the upgrades with no more down than just buying the car without.:eusa_clap:

Be the first in town with a diesel Cruze, coming soon! Thanks Dave.

Our website should be up in a few days. You can email me at [email protected] or [email protected]
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