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I have a Gen 2 diesel, but one of the most fun things is when people think they're trying to save you from putting the wrong kind of fuel in your tank! I had a guy in a GMC Sierra HD pulling a boat literally jump out of his truck and come jogging over to me to stop me from putting the wrong kind of fuel in my car. I told him it was actually a diesel, but he clearly didn't believe me as he kept coming over to my car, and once he saw the green fuel cap, shrugged and said, "I didn't know they made these in a diesel, wow." There have been numerous other occasions where people comment, but none as funny as that day. (I also get the same reactions when filling up my 2019 Equinox diesel)
As for the fuel, just make sure that you're purchasing fuel from a station with a higher turnover rate, otherwise, you might risk getting water in your fuel, which is not good for a diesel, even though a gasser will just spill it out the tailpipe, which you've probably seen multiple times. If you're in a colder climate for winters, I DO recommend an additive to keep the fuel from gelling up. Hot Shots "Everyday Diesel Treatment" saved my when I purchased my Equinox and was driving it from Idaho to Colorado during 20 below weather. I fueled up at a big name station thinking I'd be okay, but the next morning when I went to fire up the 'Nox, it would not stay running longer than about 10 seconds. After 20 minutes of trying, I walked to a nearby auto parts store (again, in 20 below weather) and purchased the Hot Shots EDT. I put in double the amount directed, then waited about 5 minutes. When I tried to fire it up again, low and behold, it started and stayed running for the remainder of my trip home. Might have been the previous 20 minutes of trying, but I think the EDT had a part in the result.
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