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Hey just picked up a cruze. Ive been lurking these forums for about 3 months before i bought my cruze lots of great info and write ups. picked up a 2012 rs 6 speed 82k miles ice blue. great carfax. 1 owner car and PO did mobil 1 every 5-7k miles it had the waterpump and intake replaced at 60 something thousand miles in 2015, i assume it was a bad pcv system and weeping water pump. So i should have some problem free miles ahead. My plans are trifecta tune, bnr or zzp downpipe, zzp midpipe, trubendz cat back, ported intake, aem or injen intake, pcv bypass. also car runs alot better on 91 vs 87 thanks to the forum. huge pennzoil fan and member over at bobistheoilguy. current fill is pennzoil ultra 5w30, plan on running ac delco oil filters. I also plan on changing out the mtf to amsoil's 75-90. When i bought it the coolant was at the bottom of the reservoir so i topped it off and 1k miles later still full. i checked all the common coolant leak areas on the cruze and im not leaking as far a i can tell. my best guess is the turbo boiled off the coolant. my oil pan gasket has a weep and i plan on fixing that soon. That's about where i sit with my cruze and i plan on doing all the mods at once during tax time lol.
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