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New Cruze in Oklahoma

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Hi everyone, I just got a brand new ‘18 Cruze LT with the 6 speed manual. I’m new to the Cruze game but not to Ecotecs. My last car was a 09 Cobalt SS. After 211,000 miles the money spent keeping the Balt running for a daily driver wasn’t practical anymore, so I decided to get the Cruze for my daily and get the Balt running later on. Loving the ride quality so far, and the gas mileage since I have a long highway commute, but I seriously miss the power! What have you guys done to make these things a little faster? ? Anyways, here are some pics of the new Cruze:


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Was reading about the LSPI threads.. the first 5 minutes I had it off the lot I could tell it was horribly lugged trying to accelerate under 2500 in any gear, but isn’t this a basic of driving? Downshift to accelerate and upshift to cruise? And why does the dash tell me to upshift to 5th and 6th when I’m not even going 50 yet? Lol. Hope I didn’t just buy a lemon

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