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New Cruze owner - sun visor and paint question

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Hello all. Yesterday I purchased a 2012 LTZ/RS for my daughter and soon realized that the passenger side vanity mirror cover was missing which in turn kept the mirror lights from coming on. Will replacing the cover alone fix the problem or do I need to replace the entire visor? Also, I was looking for some touch up paint in order to fix some small scratches but could not find the paint code in the glove box (sticker was there but, no code next to BC/CC). The car is a metallic black - any idea if the Carbon Flash color would work?

Thanks for the help!
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The dealer canget the correct touch up using the vin #.

Repair of the visor requires complete parts are sold.

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04 Cavalier was the only car I ever purchased that came from the factory with a tube of touch up paint. But been buying Dupli-Color for years for either the spray cans or that tube with a brush on it. Every vehicle has a paint code on it, found that on my Cruze, but that was five years ago, forgot where I found it, but know it is there.

If I need a gallon, my NAPA store can mix it exactly.

Thanks to the latest throwaway part, the unibody can find parts especially on ebay, seen many sun visors there.
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