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New Cruze owner...well f*** me!!

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Hi all just bought a 2011 Cruze RS with 38k out of desperation for transportation, would never consider this car but the price was right.....WELL holy crap!! I am enjoying the heck out of this car would have never of thought. looking at all the potential of this little runabout is getting me excited, right now i am just driving the car to get the 2-year-old gas out of it and see if there are any issues, so far everything works. So right now I don't know where to start but my endgame is to have a sleeper. So any suggestions would be appreciated. I am looking for easy stepping stones so as to add to existing upgrades seamlessly over time.

Peace All
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Guessing its a 1.4 if its got the RS package.
Get the PCV system repaired, even if nothing is wrong with it now.
Then look at the cooling system and replace anything that looks sketchy or weak.
Then start modding.
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