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New Cruze owner...well f*** me!!

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Hi all just bought a 2011 Cruze RS with 38k out of desperation for transportation, would never consider this car but the price was right.....WELL holy crap!! I am enjoying the heck out of this car would have never of thought. looking at all the potential of this little runabout is getting me excited, right now i am just driving the car to get the 2-year-old gas out of it and see if there are any issues, so far everything works. So right now I don't know where to start but my endgame is to have a sleeper. So any suggestions would be appreciated. I am looking for easy stepping stones so as to add to existing upgrades seamlessly over time.

Peace All
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If you like turbo whistles/noises & want more throttle response then a “CAI” would be a good start too. I personally removed the OEM intake system along with all the plumbing behind the passenger wheel fender and added a spectre intake (cheaper version of the K&N intake… since K&N owns spectre lol)… however I did modify it a bit more to my liking. Also if you haven’t found out already, this little turbo car loves higher octane gases (91/93 octane, etc) not only does it help A LOT with throttle response but it literally makes more power on a higher octane table, look around the forum, a few of the guys have posted about it in the past with proof and results.
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