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Hey guys,

I came across this website through the Chevy Malibu Forum, and the time came to replace the old Malibu LTZ due to gremlins that seemed to hit that car after I signed the paperwork last November. A little about how I got my car, then will give details on the car.

I went on and unknowingly put my phone number out there for dealers to call. I say unknowingly since I voluntarily filled out the info, not knowing I was going to get called my many dealers (oops!! idiot moment) Anyways, I got a call from a local Chevy dealer to look at a 2017 Sonic. I went to the dealer, and when discussing prices they suggested looking at a preowned low miles Cruze. I was always drawn to the Cruze but due to the price I didn't consider it. A preowned Cruze was just the ticket. They had a silver Premier, and a black metallic LT. Since it was $200 less I looked at the Premier. I liked the Premier and when it came to the cost the monthly payment was a little higher than I wanted. I also found out the insurance would be $30 more a month than I wanted. My agent pointed out the LT was only $15 more a month.

The Malibu was in storage so they wanted to see it in person to get me top dollar. Since I was a repeat customer of the dealer they wanted my business and it showed. I couldn't make it back same day so I returned the next day with the Malibu all detailed and cleaned up. They were impressed on how clean it was and told me he is working hard to "buy my business" and it showed. He gave me $5600 trade for the Malibu, and lowered the price of the Cruze from $16200 to $15800. To some this would be a red flag, but being a repeat customer he did all he could to get me the car. At the end of the day I left with the Cruze.

Now about the car.. A 2017 Cruze LT, black metallic with black interior. Heated seats, push button start, 16" alloys, remote start. It's by far the nicest car I ever bought, and with only 9500 miles I got a practically brand new car without the cost of a new car. It was a former Hertz rental car, and had a scuff here & there, as well as a white paint mark on the passenger front door handle. I used rubbing compound to buff out the handle, and will follow it up with polishing compound, and do the same on the scuffs on the body.

When my Malibu was in the body shop for a front bumper repair I had a 2015 Cruze for a rental and hated it. Didn't like how it drove or anything but something hit me as desirable about the new design and glad to say it is much better than the previous model. Looks sleek, good power, much roomier inside, and more comfortable.

I'm glad to have this car and plan to enjoy it for many years to come.
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Congratulations and welcome!
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