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Hi everyone, My Name is Edward, and back in October, I begrudgingly became the owner of a 2013 Cruze LT. I say begrudgingly because I got the car after my Pontiac(which I had grown very attached to) had the misfortune of having a transmission rebuild cost more than the car was worth, and more than the down payment required on the Cruze. Thanks to the sudden loss of my Pontiac, my opinion of my Cruze has definitely been painted in a negative light presently, But I really want to like this car!

I'm hoping by joining ya'll on this forum, I might get into the right perspective to like my Cruze, and when something eventually goes wrong, I can draw upon your knowledge to help get me back on the road.

Thank you in advance to everyone, and sorry if I sound so negative, but any Redneck who has had to drop engine size knows where I'm coming from.

Thanks again, Bones/Edward
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