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New From Toronto - Videos ?

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Hi all great site - full of great tips. I have two Cruze's - 2013 and 2015, great cars and overall very happy but they do have some unique features / differences between models. I am a small DIY task guy, willing if and when necessary, to get my hands dirty to do the more basic work and repairs on the cars including oil changes, winter / summer wheel changes and so on ..... But am finding it more and difficult to justify the price of the more specialist-ed tools to do some of the repairs or maintenance tasks. As I really strongly dislike paying the dealer for things I can do just as well, if not better. So it was a welcome surprise to find this site.

Just a question ... is there any Video's supporting / showing some of the advice and a index ...?
Same of Pictures related to posts and index ...?
In just my limited browsing I have not come across any...

Thanks to all have taken time to make this site great with tips and advice. Looking forward to many more hours of happy browsing. :) :eusa_clap:
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Welcome! There are different "stickies" (posts that are pinned to the top) in each subforum I believe. Those will give you a great start. But mostly, its just searching for a while and finding things.
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