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New fuilds leaking?

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The first is picture of where it could be and I'm just thinking it's coolant but I'm not sure.
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This one I'm not sure at all since I can't find where it's coming from but it's dripping from the side of the transmission. Also 3rd to 4th still jerks/flairs.



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Just thought of it since I did just do an oil change could just be oil dripping from the filter being takin out lol but still don't know what the other in the picture would be
Do you have a factory sunroof? I'm wondering if that's the drain for when it leaks.
Wish I had a sunroof lol but nope I dont
Looking at the video, I'd carefully check the water outlet. It's a known leak point.

But what I'd do is take the car on a drive, let it get fully warmed up, and then park it - hood up. Grab a cold drink and wait.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least that you have a pinhole link in the plastic tank of the radiator and it's peeing on the engine when the system is hot and under pressure.
Weird cause it didn't look like water or coolant looked a bit dark dripping on the floor
Looks like condensation from the AC.
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I have to second the ac condenser drain.
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yeah i believe you guys on that and im still thinking oil just dripped down from removing the oil filter as it isnt anymore
this is unrelated fluid things but i just replaced the turbo oil feed line but did notice some old crud there as well as some other addons from zzp!
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