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Exactly... marketing is one thing, reality is another.

The claims they're making have little to do with actual performance (power) increase, more to do with packaging size, reduced lag and better low-rpm performance. Don't get me wrong, those are all great things and push turbo-tech in the right directions, but it's not like this technology will be increasing power levels much over current turbo technology. They do note a slight increase in turbine efficiency, but power production is usually affected much more by efficiencies in the compressor stage.

Also, this is not likely to be available in the aftermarket any time soon... stuff like this tends to surface at the OEM level first if ever coming to the aftermarket. The more complex something like a turbocharger gets, the more application specific it can become which can limit its flexability.

What I'd like to know is if this axial turbine could benefit from a VNT turbine housing?
BUT...such a turbo would give the Cruze the low-RPM performance it currently has, while at the same time using a little bit of a larger turbo for high-RPM performance like the Dodge Dart. I wouldn't mind 160 HP in a Cruze. :)
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