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Hi guys!

Just got a 2012 Cruze with 45k miles and the 1.4L Eco motor. I LOVE the gas mileage this thing gets and surprisingly quick for such a tiny motor. I changed the oil and filter and air filter today when I noticed a coolant leak from the upper reservoir bypass hose. Turned out to be broken inside the fitting where the O-ring goes! I ordered a new hose on EBay for $12 and as a temporary fix threw some JB weld on there and it's holding fine until the hose comes in.

So I decided to put a boost gauge on the car because I had one sitting in my cabinet from another car I never used it on. I reached under the intake on the back of the motor and there's a vacuum hose with a green line on it that goes from the middle of the underside of the intake manifold over to something on the passenger side underneath. I pulled and twisted and wiggled and it came loose on the passenger side connection. Come to find out it broke the nipple off and it was still inside the hose! I plugged that hose up (once I realized it was not the right hose for the boost gauge) and the car is running fine. No vacuum leak I can feel with the car running so I am to assume that it went to some sort of sensor under there? Anyone know what that is and a part number? I'm sure it was reading something for a reason!

Thanks for any advice or info! Here's a picture of the new Cruzer!!


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