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I typed out a longer version and then my phone updated after a few minutes and all was lost ;)

So, the tl:dr version

I work on cars
I usually have a lot of spares because they inevitable break down (all 90's and early 00's)
with work I have money, but not always time.
cruze mpg ftw.

Slightly more detailed version;

I found a '15, cruze eco 6mt, list price at $20,920, special rebates dropping it to $17,874 and I jump. I was going to finance through gm but the numbers changed from when I said yes, to when I went to sign the contract, I felt like witchcraft and trickery was afoot, and decided not to finance it. Where most people care about payments I care about "how much will I have paid for this vehicle when I'm don't making payments?". The finance deal went from $23,xxx to almost $25,xxx over the life of the loan.

So I pulled my hidden ace, asked for the "cash out the door" price, ($20,100) and told them my dad would borrow it from his heloc and I'd just pay him back.

Then, we realized, they actually tried to sneak an extra $400 on, that when I called to rectify "uh, no one knows where that extra $400 came from..."

Final deal, tax, title, tags, key in hand driver in car, $19,770.

I think I did good :)

Initial impressions btw, obviously, it's not a race car, but it's peppy, I came from an 01 bmw 330i sport and I'm surprised how well the cruze handles comparitively. Yes, the bmw is better, but it also has $1,400 225 front, and 255 rear tires but is still closer than I expected. I'd expect the bmw to be more composed of the two if the car started to slide or was pushed to hard, but I'm EXTREMELY impressed by how nimble and responsive the cruze was in the few turns I took.

Oh, and I averaged 40+/- on the dic for the trip home, which was NOT all highway, nor was I trying super hard for mpg.

I am happy, and I also have a lifetime power train warranty though the dealer I forgot to mention :)
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