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Hello everyone! I've read different posts on this site since picking up a used/salvaged 2011 Cruze LT a couple years ago, and have now decided to join. Main reason being: when I changed my oil last weekend, it looked like oil has been seeping from around the valve cover. A while back I'd read about how they're prone to failure (burst disk failure) but to see nearly uniform seepage from around the cover got me wondering how pressure was building up in there. Doing some searches on CruzeTalk, I found XtremeRevolution's extremely insightful PCV/system explanation, and found his intake manifold PCV check valve fix something I need to do!
I'm glad there is a forum like this for everyone to share their experience & knowledge, and ask questions on a common topic. Thank you all who have come before me!
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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

Glad you found what you needed!
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