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After reading through many of the Gen 1 CTD threads, we pulled the trigger on used Red 14 CTD with 19,000 miles - nice ride - and previous owner was very fastidious [he had service records, recall records, and such all ready to show & hand new owner - so I was certain that all sensor recalls were completed]

Will used as commuter vehicle (approx 80 highway miles each way) up to 4 days a week, so I will be trying to learn how to drive CTD for best MPG on the highway.

And I will continue to search the Gen 1 Diesel section for the best ways to get the most out of our new ride...

Thanks to all who have contributed so far to the forum - the active community helped make my buying decision easier.
Welcome! Ditto about the forum, excellent source of info and great people here too. Check out the 1,000 Mile Tank thread and also Hypercruiser Badge threads.

Enjoy your "new" CTD, sounds like the perfect choice for your commute!
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