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New here, for all the wrong reasons: RESOLVED

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Hey all I just found this forum. Wish I could say it was for a good reason. My cruze started acting up and I was Google searching for how to repair it or to try to estimate a cost. This place looks cool, just wish I didn't buy a car that had so many known issues.
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Well about a week ago my radio would cut off and on randomly but it wasn't bad so I didn't think much of it, then recently the service stabilitrak and service traction control warnings started popping up and going off but no check engine light. Then today it just constantly would throw up all those errors, saying trunk open, doors open, radio constantly going off and on and felt like it was losing power and would die when I come to a complete stop. So after Google searching for how to repair or for an estimate I found this forum and realized my problem was quite common. This is how I found the recall about the battery cable and I immediately called my local Chevy dealership and they towed my car and will "look at it" tomorrow. The lady on the phone seemed rude and getting impatient when I mentioned the recall. I'm just extremely frustrated since this is my only car and I thought I was getting a reliable vehicle. I'm no longer covered by my bumper to bumper. I still have my power train warranty but I don't know if any of these issues will be covered if the battery cable doesn't fix the problem. I can't afford a huge repair bill and after seeing page after page of similar complaints with these issues I'm upset my car is a lemon

Contact GM customer service and they will contact your dealer of choice and request the cable is replaced for FREE along with free one hour Dyagnosis test. They will also let you know that your battery is no good (their fault if you ask me) and its $250 if you get from dealer. And it doesn't fix the problem. My car completely turned off at a red light yesterday morning.
I actually took my car into Chevy for the negative battery cord replacement. Didn't work. Still getting same error message. I have a coworker who had the exact same year Cruze as me (2014) and coincidentally neither of our cars started this morning and we are having same exact error messages. I went to get new battery but autozone told me that mine was perfectly fine. I honestly think that GM really "effed up" when creating these vehicles. Anyone get a letter about Chevrolet buying back the Cruze?
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