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New here, for all the wrong reasons: RESOLVED

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Hey all I just found this forum. Wish I could say it was for a good reason. My cruze started acting up and I was Google searching for how to repair it or to try to estimate a cost. This place looks cool, just wish I didn't buy a car that had so many known issues.
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First, welcome to the forum, and I'm happy you found us.

I saw the reference to your 2012(?) Cruze, and just want you to know that I feel confident that your problem can be fixed and that you will find it to be a good vehicle.

If you are dissatisfied with the level of service at your current dealer, give us an idea of where you are and maybe someone here can give you a suggestion on a different dealer near you. Also, contact one of the Chevy Customer Care representatives on here for help, and they can assist you in dealing with your dealer. There are a lot of resources here for you.

My 2012 Chevy Cruze is due to turn 150,000 miles tomorrow and is still going strong with the help of this forum, so stick around. Good luck!
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