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New Here Just bought 2014 Cruze 1LT Red Hot

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Hello I am now an owner of a brand new 2014 Cruze 1LT Red Hot color RS,Technology,Driver Convenience packages I look forward to posting on the forums and being able to chat with all of you about these wonderful cars.
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Welcome to the forums!
Welcome. I leased my son the same set up in black. I'm very impressed (except it's at the dealer until they can perform the axle recall...perhaps a month or more)!
Congrats & Welcome to the forums! post some pictures when you get a chance. We love pictures here
Thank you everyone for all the welcomes I will be posting photos after i detail the cruse
Welcome and Congrats! Any plans for the cruzer?
Welcome and Congrats! Any plans for the cruzer?
Well i am thinking about replacing all the interior halogens with white led's
Welcome! Good choice on the color, cant wait to see some pics.
Welcome to CT! Congrats on your new RS.
Congrats on your new Cruze.

Welcome to CruzeTalk.
Congrats and Welcome to the Forum
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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