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new member for the cruze life

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well so far ive owned my cruze a day shy of 2 weeks and I love it theres only 2 things I don't like about it 1: I thought mine was an off white but it turns out to be like a beige or dull gold so don't know a good color scheme to go with and 2: Ive never seen a turbo and the manifold as a single piece so that was a bummer haha. but some more info I bought it used its a 2014 1.4 liter it had 28,880 miles. But this is my first chevy car and ill take all the help I can get to learn everything I need to know about the cruze from the do's and the donts and the musts. like is there any way to make the spool and wastegate louder to be heard better since the "phssst" is my favorite sound haha

thanks everyone for the future help

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Welcome and congratulations on the ‘new’ Cruze.

For that turbo whistle, check here:
Ok thanks for the thread and yes she has under 30k miles so shes stll sorta new haha
Welcome Aboard!:welcome:
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