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Hi all, picked up a 14 LT/RS with a 6 speed manual trans with 20k on the ODO last week.

I live in Mid-MI and used to drive a Volkswagen Jetta TDI. It hit 360k miles recently due to a 130 mile round trip commute each day for 5 years.

Long story short, I moved 5 miles from work and found a deal on a Cruze that I couldn't pass up.

First thing I need to do is figure out what rims I'm going to get for snow tires. I see old threads saying you can't get 15" wheels with our awkward lug nut spacing. Although, it looks like that may have changed since the old threads I found.

As for me, middle aged bald man that leaves cars stock unless there is a good reason to change it. A car is a Point A to Point B kind of thing for me, not a status symbol.

Hope to spend some time around here getting to know my car, I'll try to search for answer rather than ask. [Lord knows I love a good forum Oil Thread.] I did spend quite a bit of time lurking before I bought the car.

Once I get to know you all, I'm sure I'll be an instigator. Life is way more fun being devils advocate.
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Oh yeah, and I have the 9 speaker system, I think... and either the rear speakers suck, or they don't work. [I think the only speakers working are in the door, yet I see speakers on the rear deck.]

Will need to look into this more this weekend.

EDIT - Reading this thread was very disappointing.

[tried to add link to a thread talking about how much the pioneer speakers suck... but I can't because I'm a newb.]

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to CruzeTalk.
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