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Hello Everyone,

First, Thanks to the forum owners.
Second, I'll let your admin decide whether they deem this worthy.
Third, I have a 2014 Encore that I purchased new in Oklahoma. It has 70k+ miles, a 1.4 LUV (I think) and I wanted to share my experience as these engines are similar.

My first problem surfaced at 47k miles. Coolant leak. Couldn't find it. Turns out it was seeping from the coolant inlets to the turbo. The coolant was being sucked back in to the exhaust side of the turbo and none was ever reaching the ground nor did I ever smell anything. Trying to get into the dealer was practically impossible. I pulled the cat and the turbo. Found some fittings at a Ford dealership. $12. Shined up the tubes with some 2000 grit and put it back together. No leaks..but.
When you disconnect the cat from the turbo, you MUST put a new copper gasket on or you will get faulty cat codes. When I took the cat off, it looked like cooked pepto bismol on the inside of the cat. I filled a 5 gallon bucket with scorching hot water and Dawn detergent. Let it sit overnight and washed it out with cold water the next morning. I was surprised but it worked. I was getting cat codes until i put in a new copper gasket. :)

Everything was cool (excuse the pun) until 70k. Coolant again was disappearing from the tank. Found that the inlet neck was leaking at the bottom. Here's the kicker and this is the only reason I'm posting about this because it's been beat like a dead horse. I get it. Upon inspection of the old neck, I discovered that the gasket was fine, the o-ring in the top for the turbo coolant needed to be replaced but I could not find any visible cracks anywhere that would cause a leak. When I laid a straightedge on the mating surface of the neck, the inner protrusion of the neck was sticking up about a 1/3 of a mm which, in my estimation, was holding the mating surface up off of the engine block ever so slightly.

My point is that since we are utilizing plastic pieces we need to finish cleaning them up before installation. Sure, a new gasket will help until that gasket gets slightly used and the leak will ensue. That ridge needs to be sanded down just a hair. Also, the manufacturing lines that exist on some of the flanges where your hoses connect could be cleaned up a bit. they are small but it couldn't hurt.



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