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New Member, Just bought a 2016

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Hey All,
This is my first post here and I just picked up a 16 Limited with 1200 Miles. I havent spent much time on automotive forums in the past year but I am no stranger to them as several years back I spent the majority of my awake time on forums. (s-10 form, ford trucks, etc). Not sure how much time ill spend on here, but I figured it would be good to register anyway. I live in MS and own a body shop here. Will post pics of the car now and as I do stuff with it.
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Welcome to CruzeTalk.
Welcome! Congrats on the new ride!
That's a nasty looking scratch there.
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Congratulations and ouch!
Welcome here as well. Now that I can see the pics, you may be able to find seats here and there. Seems like eBay placed a value of $1000 on leather powered drivers seats.

Just make sure you read the for sale rules when it comes time to unload parts for the other car.
Wow, I see airbag deployment and that trunk is not lining up properly on the opposite side.

Welcome to the forum! Are you now the ACTUAL OWNER or are you just the one who has to fix that mess?
I'm guessing you bought a salvage unit? Owning a body shop, you know what you're getting into.
I'm guessing you bought a salvage unit? Owning a body shop, you know what you're getting into.
This. There was way more talked about this on FB than here.
Hello and welcome to the community! Nice to have you join us. Congratulations on your Cruze, it looks beautiful. Do you have any plans on it? This site is a great resource with tons of useful information and knowledgeable guys, you will find everything needed here!
^^^^ LMAO

Welcome :)

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