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New member, probably an ocean away from most other folks here...

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Greetings, one and all, from a new member.

I am Colin, the new owner of a Chevrolet - my first. The vehicle in question is a silver Chevrolet Cruze LZT 1.7 VCDi SW, first registered February 27 2013. It's a right-hand drive model, naturally, as I'm in dear old England - both living and working in Surrey.

Having bought the car just a week ago (third owner, only 28,400 miles on the clock), I'm still getting used to it and finding out what all the buttons and switches do.

It's a long way from being my first GM product, though. After learning to drive in the (British) army over 30 years ago, on a Vauxhall Chevette estate and a Land Rover with trailer, I then bought a Chevette saloon as my first car.

Since then, I've had...

Vauxhall Viva
Vauxhall Nova
Vauxhall Cavalier x 2 (company cars)
Mazda 626 x 3 (company cars)
Austin Maestro
Rover Sterling (company car)
Rover 25
Renault Modus
Fiat Panda

I've also driven all sorts of other things, including vans and minibuses, either as loan or hire vehicles. Back in the late 1990s, I spent a happy couple of weeks driving more than 2,000 miles though nine of the 50 States in a rented Pontiac Sunfire.

Before switching to four wheels, I also spent a year or three riding around Cyprus on a small Suzuki.

If I've omitted anything important, just ask!

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Welcome to the cruze talk Be cool stay cozy keep cruzen and Best Wishes !

Look up the Veterans Thread and say Hello .
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