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New Member with FYI on Chilton Manual

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New member and first post.

Looks like a Chilton paper manual is coming out if that has not been discussed before. Not sure if this is the same as the online version, or how it compares to Alldata ($27 per year), the factory service manuals, etc. Not a recommendation just providing the fact of its pending existence. Search on Amazon for more info.

Would be interested to see how the Haynes manual, which has been out for a few months at $25 + or -, has fared on issues brought up on the board. As a first edition there are bound to be omissions and errors.

I don't own a Cruze myself. I have a Sonic and come here to round out the picture since the drivetrains are shared and the Cruze has been around longer to generate more data.

Nice forum you have here.
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