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Hey guys I just recently picked up a 2014 Chevy Cruze lt 1.4t and though I love cars and know a little bit about them, I also ONLY know a little and had a few questions.

After purchasing this car I quickly realized it is not a fast car lol. I get it, I know these cars are set up for economy however I go to these car meets every Tuesday and would like to fit In a little better, have something that's turns heads and is an "out of the norm" Dailey driver that separates me from other cruzes.

The first thing I was looking into for my car was a short ram cold air intake with a zzp catless downpipe and a Qtp electric cutout. However to my knowledge this electric cutout could possibly make the car run lean? So I started thinking about running a afr guage so I can keep a close eye on it. What would be the safe range for afrs on a stock Chevy Cruze minus these few mods? Do I run a risk of detonating the turbo or motor with this? And does anybody know the stock exhaust size right after the down pipe so I could run a cutout?
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